My two chihuahuas are my babies. I just love them and they are a joy to be around. The two of them want to know where I am at all times. When doing chores my younger one (3) has to be following me around and watches everything I do. He was a rescue and is totally attached to me to the point he has to even follow me in the bathroom. I have a Liberty E-Trike as I am not able to walk very far so this trike give me the freedom to be able to get out of the house. Gypsy (10) and Jasper (3) go with me, one in the front basket and the other in the back basket. We ride to the park and then I put them down in the grassy area and they walk along side of me. They just love going and get excited when I mention the trike. I get some exercise with the pedaling and when I get tired I turn on the pedal assist. I am sorry the cold weather has returned so soon. Felt like it was too short this year.

I have taken up the cause to donate to my favorite Chihuahua sanctuary.  This sanctuary is a safe place for abused and neglected Chihuahuas and they are so well taken care of.  Many of these pups were treated so badly.  Some go up for adoption, otherwise, they have a home for life.  Check out my link to “Big Guy, Littles Island Sanctuary” and donate if you wish or check out the items for sale or just watch the videos.  Sometimes they are live!

The group does a $6 Sunday donation once a month.  The Sanctuary was able to afford to fence in an area of yard so the littles would have a larger area to run around safely and just watching the website  videos they sure enjoy themselves.  Every rescue is spayed/neutered, microchipped, and get all their shots and treated for any problems, ie, heartworm, infections, ect.  It all costs.  If your a Chihuahua lover or any animal lover support animal rescues as so many need homes. Don’t buy adopt.🐕🐈🐎🐩

I had been looking online for different dog training tips for a barking dog. Jasper is a barker, especially when the UPS truck shows up, LOL!! I received a email promoting this product. I also received a PDF of all things on stopping a barking dog. Coincidence, maybe. I think it may help me. I tried with Jasper and he seemed somewhat better. He settled down a lot faster than normal when I had company. As long as they did not get to close to me, like hug me, he was okay. He is very protective of me and my husband had to win him over if he wanted to get close, LOL!! If you have a problems with your fur babies then check this product out. Thanks….

Gypsy (Tan) & Jasper (Black/tan)

Check out my chihuahua website

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